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" I have used Relax Telecom for several years now and always found the service responsive and helpful. The voip phones are excellent quality and value. "David Frieslander - PIM Design
" Having recently moved our account to Relax Telecom, we have been impressed with the way in which the transfer has seamlessly taken place and especially with their team, in the way they confidently have given us advice and answered all the queries we have put to them. Don’t hesitate if you are thinking of using Relax Telecom as a supplier/partner for your business. "Ian Cook - 121 Direct mail
" I have used relax telecom for a few years now and the service is 1st class, From the ease and speed of setting up new numbers to billing.  You can't fault the level of service Relax telecom strive to provide. A very happy customer. "John Duckworth - Blue Sky financial claims
" We have been exceptionally happy with the service provided by Relax Telecom, who have been friendly and efficent in all dealings and I have no hesitations in recommending them. "Michael Lopez - Henderson Accountants Ltd
" Since using Relax telecom my faith in telecoms has been restored! I was more interested in reducing costs then concern for quality of delivery, Relax has covered both bases. "Will King - Sellers Griffin
" The service from Relax Telecom is excellent. From the initial discussions, implementation to ongoing support-nothing is too big or too small for these guys to deal with. At last a company that cares about its customers! "Richard Render - Care group holdings
" We have used Relax Telecom for a number of years now and their service and support has always been impeccable. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Relax to any business requiring telephony services. "Chris Smith - Financial Claims Advice Ltd
" 'We asked Relax to take over our telecoms a year ago, since then it's been a breeze. Any changes we needed making were done quickly and without any fuss but the biggest difference is the reduction in price, with the money we saved we've increased our workforce. I just wish we'd moved earlier!' "Jamie - MP advice Group
" We wanted to switch from our previous provider to update our telecoms infrastructure to a VoIP system - predominantly to take advantage of the benefits, features and flexibility that VoIP provides. We also needed to expand our whole operation to new premises. This all needed to be completed in a very short period of time, with no interruption in service. We believed that this would be an ..."Mark Littlewood - Select Property
" Synergy Leads an MOJ regulated company have been using relax telecom for 2 years now to supply a VoIP solution for our 30 seat call centre. Part of our licence requirement is that we record all calls and have access them to them live. I have always found their staff to be very helpful which was important to us as we are not a tech company. Tony ..."Laura Gillard - Synergy Leads
" We have been a customer of Relax Telecom for several years now and would be more than happy to recommend them. The customer service and support teams are excellent and deal quickly and professionally with everything we throw at them. No job is too big or too small for them. As a shipping company we rely heavily on our telecoms and it’s great to feel confident that we have experts taking ..."James Cross - Arbour Shipping
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0333 UK Wide

Introduced in 2007, 03 numbers are becoming more and more popular with image conscious businesses wanting to offer a more customer friendly telecoms solution. Many charities and leading organisations are opting to use 03 numbers over the more traditional 08.

Unlike the 08 non-geographic numbers, 03’s cost the same to call as a geographic landline number (starting 01 and 02); however they still retain all the benefits that the 08 numbers provide.

In addition to this, 03’s have the unique quality that they are the only non-geographic number that are included as part of inclusive call minutes and discount schemes with most major mobile phone operators.  According to Ofcom, there will soon be more calls made from mobiles than landlines in the UK – however calling a non-geographic number from a mobile can be costly to the consumer. Even companies that have provided a free phone 0800 number for their customers will discover  that, although they are paying the full cost of the call, their customers will also be paying up to 20p per minute.  Switching to a 03 number eradicates this problem and is a considerably cheaper option to businesses than using free phone 0800 numbers.

  • Charged at the same rate as a local call when dialling from a fixed line.
  • Accepted as part of inclusive call minutes from all major mobile phone operators.
  • 03 numbers generate a customer friendly image, whilst retaining a national presence.
  • Ability to use the same services and features as the 08 non-geographic numbers, such as routing plans, call stats and IVR menus.
  • Availability of obtaining a memorable number for your business.
  • Portability – when moving premises, it's not always possible to keep existing numbers. The 03 number will just moves with you, eradicating the need to ever change the number your customers ring
  • Quick, cheap and easy to set-up – a selection of packages available to suit all budgets. There is no need for us to visit your premises for any installation purposes and most numbers can be connected within 24hrs.
  • Your existing telephone numbers will continue to receive calls if dialled directly, so there is no need to worry about missed calls whilst phasing in the new number.
  • A cheaper alternative to using 0800 numbers for your business, with a wide selection of package and payment options available for all budgets.
  • Disaster Recovery - If the worst happens and for reasons such as flooding, fire, power failure etc you are unable to receive calls to your existing line – the 03 number can be re-routed as a matter of emergency to a temporary alternative line of your choice.
  • Call statistics provided  - particularly useful in aiding marketing and advertising campaigns.


If you are not sure which is the right number for your business call our experts on 0333 9 889 888

0333 Packages Landline Landline Landline Landline
1 2 3 4
Setup Fee Free Free Free Free
Monthly Fee £9.99 £14.99 £29.99 £49.99
Included Minutes 500 1000 2000 4000
Out of Bundle Charges £0.03 £0.03 £0.02 £0.02
0333 Packages Mobile Mobile Mobile
1 2 3
Setup Fee Free Free Free
Monthly Fee £9.99 £17.50 £24.99
Included Minutes 300 600 1200
Out of Bundle Charges £0.04 £0.04 £0.04
0333 Package Stay on IVR Stay on IVR Stay on IVR Stay on IVR
1 2 3 4
Setup Fee Free Free Free Free
Monthly Fee £4.99 £14.99 £29.99 £49.99
Included Minutes 250 1000 2000 4000
Out of Bundle Charges £0.03 £0.03 £0.02 £0.02
0333 Package Fax Fax Fax Fax
1 2 3 4
Setup Fee Free Free Free Free
Monthly Fee £4.99 £14.99 £29.99 £49.99
Included Minutes 250 1000 2000 4000
Out of Bundle Charges £0.03 £0.03 £0.02 £0.02
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We have a full range of Non Geographical numbers available for all types of business and can provide attractive revenue share schemes.

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