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" I have used Relax Telecom for several years now and always found the service responsive and helpful. The voip phones are excellent quality and value. "David Frieslander - PIM Design
" Having recently moved our account to Relax Telecom, we have been impressed with the way in which the transfer has seamlessly taken place and especially with their team, in the way they confidently have given us advice and answered all the queries we have put to them. Don’t hesitate if you are thinking of using Relax Telecom as a supplier/partner for your business. "Ian Cook - 121 Direct mail
" I have used relax telecom for a few years now and the service is 1st class, From the ease and speed of setting up new numbers to billing.  You can't fault the level of service Relax telecom strive to provide. A very happy customer. "John Duckworth - Blue Sky financial claims
" We have been exceptionally happy with the service provided by Relax Telecom, who have been friendly and efficent in all dealings and I have no hesitations in recommending them. "Michael Lopez - Henderson Accountants Ltd
" Since using Relax telecom my faith in telecoms has been restored! I was more interested in reducing costs then concern for quality of delivery, Relax has covered both bases. "Will King - Sellers Griffin
" The service from Relax Telecom is excellent. From the initial discussions, implementation to ongoing support-nothing is too big or too small for these guys to deal with. At last a company that cares about its customers! "Richard Render - Care group holdings
" We have used Relax Telecom for a number of years now and their service and support has always been impeccable. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Relax to any business requiring telephony services. "Chris Smith - Financial Claims Advice Ltd
" 'We asked Relax to take over our telecoms a year ago, since then it's been a breeze. Any changes we needed making were done quickly and without any fuss but the biggest difference is the reduction in price, with the money we saved we've increased our workforce. I just wish we'd moved earlier!' "Jamie - MP advice Group
" We wanted to switch from our previous provider to update our telecoms infrastructure to a VoIP system - predominantly to take advantage of the benefits, features and flexibility that VoIP provides. We also needed to expand our whole operation to new premises. This all needed to be completed in a very short period of time, with no interruption in service. We believed that this would be an ..."Mark Littlewood - Select Property
" Synergy Leads an MOJ regulated company have been using relax telecom for 2 years now to supply a VoIP solution for our 30 seat call centre. Part of our licence requirement is that we record all calls and have access them to them live. I have always found their staff to be very helpful which was important to us as we are not a tech company. Tony ..."Laura Gillard - Synergy Leads
" We have been a customer of Relax Telecom for several years now and would be more than happy to recommend them. The customer service and support teams are excellent and deal quickly and professionally with everything we throw at them. No job is too big or too small for them. As a shipping company we rely heavily on our telecoms and it’s great to feel confident that we have experts taking ..."James Cross - Arbour Shipping

Relax Telecom Services

In conjunction with the vast array of business number ranges available, Relax Telecom can supply a variety of services designed to enhance and streamline your telephony infrastructure. Please do not hesitate to contact our helpful team to discuss these services further, which we have summarised below:



Monitor your inbound call volumes with the Relax online call statistics portal. An invaluable tool in aiding marketing and advertising campaigns – you can track which numbers that were used in certain campaigns did well, and which did not, increase the effectiveness of your future marketing. Accessible online, it is secured by a username and password.



A hosted telephony solution provides businesses with the multiple features of a traditional onsite telephone system but without the cost and inconvenience of installing one onsite. Instead the system is hosted by Relax and the services are delivered via IP using VoIP.

Not only does this reduce costs for the customer but allows their work force more flexibility – whether staff work from an office, abroad or a combination, they can all be linked together under on one network. All that each user will require is a handset and an internet connection.

Advantages include:

  • Extensive feature list to choose from, including call recording, sophisticated call routing, call forwarding, IVR menus, Voicemail, Conferencing, call barring, music on hold.
  • All services under one roof – Relax can provide the hosted solution, hardware, software, telephone numbers, broadband and support.
  • Reduced call costs – plus free calls between all users regardless of location.
  • Fully scalable and flexible – system can grow and expand with any business
  • Easy to use web interface - administration tools to control the telephony structure with ease.
  • Peace of mind – full disaster recovery with the ability to re-route calls instantly in emergencies.

For more information about the Relax Hosted Cloud Telephony please click here



A human voice is more personal way of delivering a message to customers and can add an extra element of viability. Relax Voice Broadcasting ensures a recorded message gets to everyone it needs to reach in an effective and innovative way, sending messages simultaneously to literally thousands of customers within minutes. Interactive response capabilities can also be added to the message, allowing recipients to respond immediately to the message, for instance connecting directly to a call centre by ‘pressing 6 now’. Other applications include providing confirmation of a suspect bank transaction by touching a specific button, contacting nursing staff and getting immediate response of availability or sending support staff to problem locations and knowing they have received the message.

There are many ways you could utilise Voice Push including:

Our technology enables set up of voice marketing campaigns simply but effectively through our Voice Platform. Plus access a range of additional Voice Solutions such as competitions, call recording and Fax-to email.

Relax Voice Broadcasting can:

  • Connect with businesses with customers and build brand loyalty
  • Inform customers on a personal level effectively
  • Implement a marketing campaign quickly
  • Augment other media to improve customer engagement

Benefits and uses of Relax Broadcasting include:

  • Rich features: a comprehensive feature set for end-to-end communications management
  • Flexible integration: will sit alongside existing ICT infrastructure
  • Scalability: supports any number of users, with functionality ranging from simple call management to full communications platform
  • Resiliency: world-class reliability and 24/7 support for business continuity
  • Ease of use: superior administration simplifies system management and reduces time resources
  • Service interruption announcements or account queries
  • Lead generation & marketing communications
  • Customer loyalty programmes
  • Product launches & promotions
  • Political statements
  • Appointment and bookings confirmation and reminders
  • Customer Surveys


Fully automated, secure and flexible - the Relax Telephone Payment Service has the ability to charge set amounts or charge per minute for the duration of a call. A great alternative to using manual live operator payment lines or premium rate numbers; it is simple to set-up and ideal for many industries and services, such as:

  • Ticket Booking Lines
  • Technical Support Lines
  • Advice Lines (Legal, Medical, Veterinary)
  • Data Capture Lines for Subscriptions
  • Debt Collection
  • Car Parking Fees
  • Charity Donation Lines
  • Tipster Services
  • Chat Lines
  • Psychic & Tarot Lines
  • Fixed Penalty Payments
  • Taxi Fares

This is an example of a standard IVR for the Relax Telephone Payment service. Most customers would have a bespoke set-up:


Bespoke recording


A bespoke recording can be activated that will greet your customer on dialling your business number. This can be a professional greeting with the company name or maybe a marketing message.  The customer is instantly assured that they have contacted the correct business and are more likely to hold for the call to be answered. It eliminates the need to have a receptionist to take incoming calls and gives the impression of large professional organisation.

In conjunction with the welcome message, you can also offer calling customers menu options to be transferred to the relevant person/department automatically - for instance ‘Press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts, press 3 for customer services....’ Calls are more efficiently dealt with and distributed, relieving the pressure for staff and receptionists (in many cases eliminating the need for a receptionist all together). The caller is immediately aware that they have contacted the correct business and will have confidence that their call is be dealt with efficiently and by the correct department – they will be more inclined to continue to hold, therefore reducing missed calls and increasing sales.

Each option can divert to its own individual telephone number/ring group/hunt group or they can all divert to the same number/ring group/hunt group.

Call Whisper

Call Whisper

A call whisper is a recorded announcement, such as ‘This is a business call, press 1 to accept’, that alerts the receiver to the nature of the incoming call. It is inaudible to the caller, who will continue to hear a ring tone. This is incredibly useful in many different ways, examples of which are:

  • Businesses run from home – when receiving calls to a residential line, it is difficult to know how to answer the calls. With call whisper you will know instantly which calls are for your business and answer appropriately.
  • Running multiple businesses – call whisper enables you to have multiple non-geographic numbers (a separate number for each business) all coming through to the same line to be answered. Each number will have its own call whisper to inform you of which business the call is for.
  • Marketing campaigns – an individual number can be allocated for each individual campaign, with its own call whisper. This way you can monitor which adverts, offers, etc have been more successful.
  • Auto Attendants – when offering your customers menu options you may wish to answer with the department title as well as the company name. We can attach a call whisper to each menu option, which will inform you of the department that the caller has chosen.


There should be no reason for businesses to be experiencing missed calls. By utilising intelligent call routing systems, calls should always be able to find you. This can include ring groups or hunt groups.

A ring group is a group of telephone numbers that the individual call will be diverted to – this can include both landline and mobile numbers. Every number in that group will ring simultaneously when the non-geographic number is dialled.  When the call is answered at any of the locations within the ring group – all other numbers will cease to ring.

A hunt group is similar to a ring group in the sense that it is a list of chosen locations to dial – however rather than all ring at the same time, a hunt group will dial each location in a sequence until the call is answered.

Both ring and hunt groups can be combined, so a group of numbers are initially called and if unanswered a separate group of numbers is then dialled. Ring and hunt groups can also be programmed to according to the day and time of the call – for example between Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm calls can be diverted to one particular number or group, then after 12pm to an alternative number or group.



An extension to call routing is ‘out of hours’ routing. This allows a set configuration to be employed during office hours, e.g. between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, calls be diverted to a ring group but outside of these time stipulations calls can either go to an alternative number such as a mobile or a recorded message stating that the office is now closed with an option to leave a voicemail.



Avoid callers hearing an engaged tone or being automatically sent to voicemail if all of your business lines are busy. Activate a call queue system so you can answer all incoming calls.

The call queuing system is as simple as it sounds – each incoming call is placed in an orderly queue and connected as and when the line becomes free. Whilst holding in a queue, music can be played to the caller (research suggests that listening to music, rather than a continuous ring tone, gives the impression of waiting for a shorter length of time for the call to be answered) as well as recorded messages (these could be to just advise the caller that they are in a queue and will be answered shortly or it could be a special offer/marketing message). Callers can be held for a pre-determined length of time before automatically being diverted to voicemail or they can be given the option to press a certain button on their keypad at any point they wish to leave a voicemail.



There will be times when a call cannot be answered and a busy tone to a caller is highly frustrating – by providing a bespoke professional sounding voicemail system, your customers will feel confident to leave a voicemail message with the certainty that it will be responded to. Voicemail messages can be left 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – or at bespoke times of your choice.

Any voicemail messages that are left are instantly emailed as an audio file to an email address of your choice – therefore enabling you to respond immediately. By sending an audio file and alert via email, this allows you to pick up your voicemail messages anywhere in the world. It also allows you to save and file your voicemail messages if needed. In addition to receiving the audio file of the voicemail message via email, you may also access your voicemail inbox via telephone.



Although less and less faxes are received nowadays - there are still definitely occasions when the ability to receive a fax is required. A digital fax to email is today’s solution. There is no need to purchase a fax line, fax machine, fax paper or toner.

All faxes sent will be converted to a PDF image and emailed to you. As you receive your faxes via email, you can gain access to them anywhere in the world, not just where your fax machine is located. Faxes can be saved and filed on your PC easily. The fax to email service is an incoming service only – you will not be able to send faxes using this service.

We have a full range of Non Geographical numbers available for all types of business and can provide attractive revenue share schemes.

Find out more about Non Geographical numbers
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